What We Believe

Our Vision

To proclaim, demonstrate and advance the Kingdom of God
in relevant ways.

Our Mission Statement

To effectively reach the lost, incorporating them into a strong church, in order to make empowered disciples who minister to others and passionately love Jesus.

Our Values


We recognize God as worthy of all praise and worship, and thus seek to worship Him with our whole being in gathered times, personal times, and by living lives of love and obedience to Him.


We desire to be a community that is built on the foundation of genuine loving relationships.


Lost people matter to God, and therefore matter to us.


We recognize the Bible as the authoritative Word of God, and our foundation for faith and lifestyle. It is our primary source for preaching, teaching and training.


We seek to train, empower and release every believer to serve using the gifts God gives. Everyone can play!


Because of God’s generous love for us, we desire to express His mercy and compassion to the poor and sick, through healing prayer and various practical means.


We free our recognized leaders to lead, as they seek to follow Christ, and aim to do what the Father is doing.


We value keeping our style and expression relevant and accessible to our culture, while truly living as citizens of God’s Kingdom.


We seek to continually be led by the Spirit of God, functioning with His power, and using all of His gifts for the healing of people and advancing of His Kingdom. We value doing this in a way that is natural and without hype, manipulation or religious stereotypes.


We believe that true change happens from the inside out as we pursue God and freely allow the Holy Spirit to make our hearts more like Jesus.


Disciples don’t just happen, they’re made. Thus we aim to continually teach, train and equip and release people to become more like Jesus and do the works of Jesus.

Statement of Faith

Click Here to view and download the Statement of Faith.

Vineyard Canada

We are a part of our National Vineyard Canada body of Christ.

Vineyard Canada is delighted to make available to you Part One of a Two Part video series that unpacks a
deeper understanding of our Vineyard Canada National Compass, “We seek first the Kingdom of God
and His righteousness. The Jesus Way.” The content is anchored to the “Why Vineyard?” booklet and
we trust this will serve as an introduction and supplement to however you may be using the
“Why Vineyard?” material. Of course, it stands on its own merit as well.
To view the video on YouTube, please click here.