Pray & Fast

Welcome to our 21 Day Prayer and Fast Information page

On November 1st we, as a church body are doing a 21 Days of Prayer and Fasting. We are excited about what can happen, change, and grow in our community and city because of these 21 days of prayer and fasting.

This is not just an invitation for you to food fast but to ask God what you specifically are too fast for these 21 days. We believe that as we take this journey together God will work in us personally and corporately to bring his church together, see his nature grow with in us and experience God in greater ways.

What is Fasting

Fasting is a spiritual discipline designed to better connect us with God. It’s all about aligning ourselves with God and what He really wants to do. Fasting is substituting our regular food, entertainment, social media, sweets, etc., with more focused time on Jesus. This could happen through Bible reading, prayer and reflection or meditation. Fasting is redirecting the attention and time we normally give to other items, to Jesus. When you experience the hunger or cravings for the thing you are fasting this is your reminder to spend time with God.

The goal of fasting is God! To spend more time with the Father, receiving and growing with the son and being led by the Holy Spirit. Don’t get caught up in thinking if you are doing it right or wrong.  Just do your best. We will find that even the smallest change we make during this fast can bring about significant
grow and life for us.

There are different types of fasts.

Normal Fast –no food and only liquids for a certain number of days.

Partial Fast –is eliminating certain foods from our diet

The Daniel Fast – is a partial fast where he ate only fruits and vegetables.

Lifestyle Fast – Choose something in your daily routine, for example, specific foods or drink, entertainment, technology, or an activity that does take a lot of your attention and time and fast that thing.

Fasting is for a time putting aside those things that may consume our time and resources and stand in our way of connecting with God. Never in life have we all been forced, drawn to, or needed technology like we have in the last two years. For some of us, this will mean fasting from technology. Not necessarily all technology, but those things that keep you from spending time with God.

Whatever you are choosing to fast, or God is asking you to fast we are excited for what the next 21 days will do in our lives.

Our 21-Day Plan and Focus for this Fast:

  1. To better connect us with God and experience new strength and unity within our community
  2. To deepen our relationship with God so that we hear his voice with greater clarity and understanding for the days and times we live in.
  3. To bring breakthrough in our community personally and corporately and to see the Holy Spirit released in this community and our city.

If you have medical conditions or questions about fasting food, please speak with your physician prior to fast.

If God is speaking to you during the fast for our community, please share that with us. You can contact the office directly, click on the Prayer and Fasting button on our website or email

Thank you for how you pursue Jesus and love his church.

If God is speaking to you about our church, use this form to share with us!